Photo Gallery

This photo gallery contains images of the dragon fruit, flowers and plants grown at the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm. Maui Dragon Fruit Farm grows 16 varieties of dragon fruit also known as pitahaya. Check back often since we will be adding new pictures all the time!

Plump specimen of the Magenta Dragon Fruit

What color do you think the flesh is?

Close up of magenta dragon fruit

The flesh is such a beautiful pale magenta!

Close up of magenta dragon fruit inner flesh

Where's my spoon I want to taste this!

A delicious desert of Magenta Dragon Fruit over frozen vanilla yogurt.

Yummy! Dragon fruit over frozen vanilla yogurt.

A beautiful specimen of Red Dragon Fruit

A beautiful specimen of Red Dragon Fruit

Close up of red dragon fruit

The dark red flesh is full of flavor.

Freshly harvested dragon fruit.

Several varieties all mixed together.

Beautiful pink dragon fruit with slice to see white flesh

This hot pink dragon fruit has white flesh inside.

Hylocereus undatus - Magenta Dragon Fruit - close up

Juicy and refreshing white flesh variety.

Example of whole of red dragon fruit

Dark red skin encloses deep burgundy flesh.

Close up of red dragon fruit

The flesh of this dragon fruit is deep red.

Hylocereus undatus - Pink Dragon Fruit - fruit on vine

Young fruit ripening beautifully on the vine.

Dragon fruit bud

This flower bud is coming along nicely.

Green dragon fruit on vine with flower still attached.

This young fruit will be ready to harvest soon.

Large open dragon fruit flower

This beautiful flower only blooms for one night.

Close up of dragon fruit flower

This flower is already begining to close.

Dragon fruit flower with early morning bees

Bees gathering dragon fruit pollen

Close up of bee on dragon fruit flower stigma.

Bee pollinating a dragon fruit flower.