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Aquaball Adventure Tour

Quick Details

Aquaball - Adult 2 Aquaball rides per person • Aquaball & Fruit Tasting Tour
Aquaball - Child (Ages 5 to 12) 2 Aquaball rides per child • Aquaball & Fruit Tasting Tour
Zipline - Adult 4 Zipline rides per person • Zipline & Fruit Tasting Tour
Zipline - Child (Ages 5 to 12) 4 Zipline rides per child • Zipline & Fruit Tasting Tour
Zipline & Aquaball Combo - Adult 4 Ziplines and 2 Aquaball Rides per person • Zipline & Aquaball Combo & Fruit Tasting Tour
Zipline & Aquaball Combo - Child 4 Ziplines and 2 Aquaball Rides per child • Zipline & Aquaball Combo & Fruit Tasting Tour
Walk Along Fruit Tasting Tour

Aquaball Adventures, Ziplines Tours and More…

Maui Aquaball Adventure

Rolling in the Aquaball is one of the best things to do on Maui. Our awesome aquaball is wet, slippery and unique! Jump inside our giant double walled inflatable aquaball. The cool fresh water is so refreshing. Then roll down our course which is 450 feet long, super fun and very safe. Challenge yourself and run like a hamster in a ball or relax and let the giant ball swish you all around! All this fun while immersed in the natural beauty of the West Maui Mountains.

Lahaina Zipline Adventure Tour

Fly over dragon fruit fields on our fast and exhilarating zipline. The Dragon Zipline is a fast medium range gravity breaking zipline. It is 450 feet long and great for doing ziplining tricks like the inverted V, scorpion, lay back or spinning. Unlike other Maui zipline tours, you can do up to four zips down our Dragon Zipline, becoming comfortable with what to expect. This allows guests to really enjoy the ride and cut loose with fun tricks! Our format is the best for non-zipliners (small children, parents or grandparents) who can easily watch, take photos and enjoy the zipline show!

Zipline & Aquaball Combo Package

Our best value adventure tour! Ziplining and Aquaballing in one excellent adventure package! This adventure combines flying down the zipline and rolling in the aquaball plus you also get a fruit tasting and an integrated farm tour.**

Integrated Organic Farming Tour
Our kid and family friendly adventure tour takes place on the grounds of the Maui Dragonfruit Farm, a USDA certified organic farm with incredible ocean and West Maui Mountain views. Your adventure tour includes an integrate farm tour where our knowledgeable guides point out and discuss the many interesting plants grown on the farm. You will also learn about and taste the seasonally available organic fruits grown on the farm: pineapple, banana, sugarcane, papaya and the new “King of Fruits” – Dragon Fruit!

Fun for everyone
Our adventure tours are good for all types of guests: kids, young adults and mature adults. Everyone has a fun and exciting time. Kids as young as five can zipline. Less adventurous guests can take pictures and enjoy watching their friends and family zipping and rolling. You will never forget the stunning three island ocean view from the zipline launch platform featuring Lanai, Kaho’olowe and Molokai.

All Tour includes:
• Fruit tasting
• Integrated farm tour
• Bottled water provided

Add our signature Dragon Fruit & Lilikoi Jan to your tour and save!

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